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Barcelona’s history dates back about 4,000 years ago, as they have found human remains that have existed since the late Neolithic period. However, the Foundation of Barcelona as a city is due to the Roman people, whose peak will grow to become one of the main ports of the western Mediterranean.

During the course of the middle Ages the city moves into the primacy over the rest of the Catalan counties and imposed one of the most important cities of the Crown of Aragon. Because the union of Castile and Aragon. Barcelona has enjoyed a position of great prestige in the political, social and economic development of the Spanish State over its history.

Events such as the 1992 Olympic Games and the Universal Forum of Cultures, Barcelona drove in a city recognized and praised worldwide, highlighting as a major tourist destination, cultural and financial center.

The city of Barcelona is located along the Mediterranean coast in the Iberian Peninsula. Its northern and sub-humid climate and irregular and intensity of precipitation throughout the year are clearly one of the main features of the so-called “Mediterranean climate”. Snow is rare phenomenon in the city, although it is to highlight 1962 as the Snow or the most recent in March 2010.

Barcelona, due to geographical location and especially for being on the Mediterrean Sea maintained throughout the year a smooth and pleasant average temperature, reaching a high during the month of February, about 8 degrees Celsius and the maxim in August, about 30 degrees centigrade

The main gateway to Barcelona for travelers, both International and domestic airport is el Prat de Llobregat. Located ten miles south-west of the city, operates the world’s major airlines with direct flights to all major European cities. The so-called “air bridge” linking Barcelona and Madrid with flights every twenty minutes. During 2009, el Prat airport inaugurate a new terminal that will reach 55 million of passengers, thereby increasing the uptake of International flights, and Meeting the great demand of tourism and business.

Another very important door for Barcelona, especially for freight is the Port, one of the most important in southern Europe. Of note is the large increase, year after year, huge cruise ship as the “Liberty of the Seas” or “Royal Caribbean” that dock to enjoy the city and making this port one of the busiest ports travelers of the world. The railway network has its main Sants station, from where long distance trains between Barcelona with the whole continent. In early 2008 opened the high-speed rail line between Madrid and Barcelona.

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