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Roman amphitheater

The Balcony of the Mediterranean. The cultural richness of Tarragona not is the same without its Arab past and the city have also been some trace of Jewish presence. They can be found in the alleys within the walls and around the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

Tarragona's Circus is considered among the best preserved of the West, all that part of its structure remains hidden beneath buildings the nineteenth century. The Roman archaeological Tarraco also has been recognized as one of the seven wonders of Catalonia. Not forgetting great cultural tours such as the route of the Cistercian monastery of Poblet, Santes Creus and Vallbona of them monks, approaching the medieval town of Montblanc and Priorat wine region, renowned for its wines worldwide. On November 30, 2000, the UNESCO committee decided to grant the Tarraco archaeological World Heritage recognition. The cultural richness of Tarragona not is the same without its Arab past and trace the city has been a Jewish presence, as the Jewish Quarter which is distributed in small streets inside the walls and around the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

The striking headlands and huge cliffs has turned the resorts of the Gold Coast the perfect destination for those who want spend an unforgettable holiday on the Mediterranean coast, such as the radiant beaches of Salou, the destination of many tourists.

Port Aventura

If we visit Salou, Reus or another town on the Costa Dorada can enjoy a family holiday at the theme park Port Aventura. With four different themes, Universal's Port Aventura is ideal for its thrilling rides, flashy shows, restaurants and cozy hotels located throughout the Costa Dorada. Besides just 9 kilometers from the city, we enjoy the natural areas such as the Ebro Natural Park, the caves of Benifallet or Sierra del Montsant.

There are two dates in honor of the two patterns of the city: San Magin (August 19) and Santa Tecla (September 23) and take to the streets to all citizens with a host of musical acts, folk, children or pyrotechnic.

Indeed, the fireworks have a special role during the first week of July, the international fireworks competition, and colored bathing beaches in the city.

One of the most spectacular things to see during the festival of Tarragona is human constructions. Two hundred years ago are an important part in the celebrations of the city.

Access to the city is easy thanks to good roads it owns. It also has a train station and a bus station and, since December 2006, is connected to the network of high speed train through the station Camp de Tarragona.

Air transport is also part of good communications network Tarragona. Reus Airport is 7 kilometers from the city and has become a second home base in Catalonia.

The Port is one of the key points of their communications infrastructure. Gateway is both freight and passengers.

Strength of the city is its cuisine, a true reflection of the Mediterranean tradition. Olive oil, nuts, wine and seafood, cannot miss on a table that boasts. The romesco sauce is typically made from tomatoes, bread, oil, garlic, nuts and red peppers. Its sweet and slightly spicy flavor is served to accompany all types of dishes.

Therefore, tourism is a mainstay of the economy of the region. The industrial sector is the other pillar led by the chemical industry and oil refinery, which has made Tarragona in the second area of economic development in Catalonia.

While the city of Tarragona has a wide range of activities for all visitors, it is common that one of the most enjoyable is to go shopping in shopping sites representative of the city. You can start the tour of the Rambla Nova Street that extends from the Plaza Imperial Tarraco to the promenade.

Juegos del Mediterráneo 2017

In short, Tarragona is an example of a Mediterranean city with a wide range of traditions and a perfect venue for a successful Mediterranean Games and that they in turn will help build the XXI century Tarragona. The city has all the values needed to host a competition of the organizational complexity of a Mediterranean Games. It is a Mediterranean city, open and hospitable. With an endowment of over a thousand years of history by the sea, spectacular climate, its beaches, its gastronomy and heritage welcoming visitors to enjoy their holidays, traditions and shows.

Mediterranean Games Tarragona show
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